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The Expride range of spinning rods expresses high quality and, in terms of technology, ranks directly under the famous Poison Adrena. For its sensitivity and reactivity, it will certainly be a rod appreciated by all enthusiasts. Originally developed as a bass rod, it finds wide fields of applications in European spinning. If you are looking for a top of the line spinning rod, the Expride will be the right choice. Light, medium or even large lures, with Spinning or Baitcasting reels, the Expride range covers everything and with a sensitivity that few rods can match. Each model is also available in two configurations, a 1 + 1 option (one-piece with detachable handle) and 2-piece (sections of equal length). You are really spoiled for choice. The remarkable sensitivity you feel when using the Expride is the result of two unique Shimano technologies. The High Modulus Full Carbon blanks are built using Hi-Power X technology. This reduces the twisting of the blank during the cast and ensures exceptional reactivity during the strike. Important addition is the Carbon Monocoque handle which transfers more information from the blank to the fisherman's hand, allowing for an impeccable perception of everything that is happening to the lure underwater. To further increase the sensitivity and overall performance of the rod, the Expride is fitted with Fuji SiC guides and a lightweight Shimano Ci4 + reel seat to accommodate spinning or baitcasting reels. From an aesthetic point of view, the extraordinary performance is accompanied by a classic glossy black blank and cork front handle which is one of the most attractive combinations seen to date. In use, the Expride will thrill even more. The 1 + 1 models have a one-piece main section with fast action, ensuring unprecedented sensitivity and responsiveness. For a more convenient transport solution there are also the traditional 2 pieces in all models, which once assembled, are almost indistinguishable from the 1 + 1 off-set models. Expride - one of the top of the range, further improved!