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The SLX DC XT is the leading model in the hugely popular SLX series. Featuring Shimano’s most advanced I-DC5 Intelligent Digital Control braking system and a low inertia MGL III Spool, it maximises casting performance across all sizes of lures, including ultra-light finesse sizes. If you want the directness that a baitcasting reel delivers, combined with the casting ease and versatility of a spinning reel, the SLX DC XT should be at the top of your list. Perfectly capable of casting a wide variety of lures, this technical masterpiece has hidden versatility and really comes into its own with lighter weight lures; enabling effortless and accurate casting to rival specialist BFS (Bait Finesse System) reels. At the heart of the remarkable casting versatility is a combination of the low inertia MGL III Spool and I-DC5 Digital Casting Control. The spool is ultra light, and when loaded with braid or lighter mono, rotates with a silky smoothness and ease to maximise distance. But the real secret is the exclusive I-DC5 system. This enables you to set the casting brake for the type of line you are using and also the size of lure, from large to ultra-light finesse (plus and additional friction free) offering fantastic, trouble free, automatic casting control at the turn of a dial. Inside the aluminium HAGANE Body (with ultra light CI4+ side plates), is a combination of Micro Module Gear and X-SHIP. This produces the unmistakable smoothness associated with Shimano Baitcasting reels and enough power to tackle the largest of freshwater predators. The simple to adjust star drag has Cross Carbon Drag Washers, which ensures that when it’s time to apply additional pressure you’ll never feel out of control. From ultra-light finesse lures to medium sized swim and crankbaits, the SLX DC XT a true all-rounder for the serious predator angler.

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