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<p>The Technium Deep Drop is a rod for deep bottom fishing. Developed exclusively for deep water fishing with Shimano electric reels, combining excellent value with high quality carbon blanks and top quality fittings, the Technium Deep Drop also features spiral mounted guides for maximum blank action. Designed to fish in conjunction with all Shimano electric reels, the Technium Deep Drop is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a specialist rod to complement your powerful hi-tech reel. Perfect for deep fishing for squid, grouper or other deep sea predators, the Technium Deep Drop allows you to exploit the power of the reel with maximum efficiency, even at the greatest depths. The progressive curve action allows the blank to work seamlessly with the automatic reel drag, allowing you to fish with extreme confidence and maximum enjoyment. The blank of the Technium Deep Drop is made of Full Carbon with HPC (High Pressure Carbon) technology to create a powerful but progressive action. This ensures immense lifting power, while compensating for any sudden and unexpected increases in pressure when fighting deep-water fish. To further enhance the blank's action, the high quality Seaguide rings, suitable for braid and mono, are arranged in a spiral. This simple design variation holds the line away from the blank when in compression and maximizes the powerful, progressive action by reducing blank twist. To ensure a solid connection between rod and reel, an extremely strong and durable Pac Bay reel seat is mounted on an easy grip EVA handle and the addition of an aluminum spider completes the comfortable and practical design. The range comprises two models, both 7'6" (229cm) long and featuring a 1+1 detachable handle for ease of transport. The lightest model has a weight range of 500-1000g, while the heavier version has a of 800-1500 g, which allows you to quickly bring the bait to the bottom and effectively fish in strong currents.</p>