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<p>The Shimano Exsence Genos is a spinning rod inspired by Shimano's Exsence Infinity. Bass rod with incredible casting performance and remarkable versatility, the Exsence Genos is easy to cast, has remarkable tip speed recovery and offers all the sensitivity and feedback you could wish for. If you are serious about bass fishing and want a rod that has few equals, the Exsence Genos is an excellent choice. Inspired by the world famous Exsence Infinity, the \"Genos\" is a stunning rod and many experts consider it to be slightly more versatile and easier to use than its more expensive sibling. Its long-distance casting potential won't leave you wanting, maximizing your options when the fish are close at hand, while the fast action will allow you to work baits thoroughly, even in the toughest conditions. However, when feedback and sensitivity are required, the Exsence Genos always delivers. The Exsence Genos, which showcases the best Shimano fishing rod technologies, excels in all areas. The use of Spiral X Core and Hi-Power carbon is further enhanced by Nanopitch technology. The result is a range of rods capable of casting great distances with impressive accuracy, but with a lightness and feel that belies the power needed to control bass that fight hard in tough conditions or obstacle-rich environments. To further improve performance, the Monocoque carbon handle, combined with the Shimano Ci4+ Perfection reel seat, offers an optimal combination for maximum feedback. As you would expect from a rod with such a high pedigree, the Exsence Genos rods feature a combination of Shimano X-Guide / Fuji Titanium SiC guides for impeccable line handling.</p>