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Ultegra XTE and XSE are based on Shimano's best-selling models and are set to redefine the mid-range Big Pit reel market. Containing many of Shimano's leading "long cast" technologies, in sleek monochromatic bodies, these reels exceed expectations and are set to become best sellers across Europe. Only Shimano has the super slow swing, which is reason enough to buy the Ultegra XTE and XSE. But the reels pack an impressive array of the best technologies. These reels will not only allow you to cast further, but they are extremely powerful, will last longer and will look great on any rod you match them. If you are a carp angler and prefer dark "stealth" colors, choose the XTE, if you are a surfcaster or prefer lighter colors, the "silver" XSE will be your choice. Whatever your choice, you can be sure you've made a great decision. Hidden inside Ultegra's lightweight and stiff CI4 + body is a selection of Shimano's most advanced technology. HAGANE Gear and X-SHIP combine with Infinity Drive and Silent Drive to deliver extraordinary smoothness and light rotation. However, don't be fooled. Put the pressure on the Ultegra and it will produce all the power you need and more. And while the in-house engineering is a work of art, it is for the casting performance that you will buy this reel. Super Slow 5 Oscillation generates a flawless coil arrangement, which has been shown to reduce friction and increase launch potential. But there are other contributing features as well. Rigid Cast reduces the deflection of the spool upon release during a cast and the Parallel Body sends the line at the perfect angle towards the first ring. And as the line runs over the lip of the aluminum AR-C spool, the achievable casting distances will blow your mind.