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€ 164.95


The Aero XR is Shimano's most technically advanced match and feeder reel. Packed with intriguing features such as anti-backlash mechanism, lightweight CI4 + body and rotor and advanced HAGANE gears for unmatched performance. If you are a lover of feeder and bolognese fishing, and want a high performance reel, the Aero XR is the solution. All reels pair perfectly with Shimano's best Aero X5, X7 and Pro feeder rods, offering perfect combos. With their impressive clutches and anti-reverse, they allow you to complete any catch, even of unexpected size when fishing with small diameters. The smaller 3000 size is perfect for float fishing and close range feeder fishing, the mid size 4000 is ideal for larger feeders or medium range fishing and the larger 5000 size is ideal for long distance fishing or heavier weights. With a G-Free CI4 + body and rotor all models are remarkably light, with the size 4000 weighing just 250g, a noticeable reduction over competing models of the same size. An added benefit you can feel is the precision of the light rotation, which is the result of the CI4 + rotor construction and HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, Silent Drive technology. Other features include the best cold forged AR-C aluminum spools (including a spare spool) with a capacity reducer to load just the right amount of wire. The larger 5000 model has an additional reducer for use with the braid when fishing long distance feeder. Screw handle and a metal clip, which is very resistant, reinforce the pedigree of the XR. Visually, the "stealth" appearance of the Aero XR is striking and combined with advanced engineering technology cannot fail to inspire confidence in fishing use.