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Black Minnows are extremely innovative silicone lures, deadly for sea bass fishing from the shore or from the boat, but which are depopulating in our waters to undermine any type of predator, in freshwater as in saltwater. The principles behind the design of these lures are essentially 3: FISH WHERE OTHER LURE CAN'T. The particular shape of the KROG® wide gap hook, specially developed to adapt to the individual sizes of Black Minnows, equipped with a pronounced curvature, allows it to hide perfectly in the profile of the silicone shad, facilitating its use even in particularly inaccessible seabeds, without risk ground, balancing, at the same time, the structure for an extremely natural and effective presentation. EXPLOIT A MORE EFFECTIVE ARMOR thanks to the patented PH2S system inserted in the lead head, which ensures the best adherence between the lead head and the shad, ensuring at the same time a perfect joint with the hidden hook. Result, more natural movement and maximum foresight of the artificial. PRESENT A NATURAL MOVEMENT. Thanks to the special silicone composition of the body and the patented jointed head, the presentation of this lure is extremely natural and captivating. The Black Minnows are available in 6 different sizes (7 – 9 – 12 – 14 – 16 – 20 cm.) each size is combined with a series of jig heads specifically designed for each type of use: SHALLOW: For all light spinning approaches and ultra-light. SHORE: For medium shore spinning. SEARCH: The search head. For the perfect presentation of the bait at 45° to probe any seabed. OFFSHORE: For boat spinning or light vertical approaches. DEEP: For all vertical techniques from the boat. EXTRA DEEP: To probe the most extreme depths and withstand very strong currents. All BLACK MINNOWS are customizable... in fact, in addition to the already assembled packs (composed of an assembled lure + 1 spare body) it is possible to buy heads, hooks and bodies separately... to be able to indulge your imagination and adapt your Black Minnow to your own use.