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The Ultegra XR XSD is the top of the range of Shimano's most popular Ultegra Big Pit/Surfcasting reel family. Featuring the latest long distance casting technologies, including Rigid Cast, this incredibly lightweight 14000 size reel has been specifically designed to maximize rod speed when casting long distance, whilst maintaining smoothness even with heavy loads. high recovery. The Ultegra XR With its mid-range price, it offers excellent value for money. Designed with understated colors, an oversized spool and a compact Ci4+ body, this reel embodies durability and functionality. Shimano's cutting-edge long-range casting technology, combined with features such as Rigid Cast, ensures consistent and impressive casting distances. Its lightweight design allows for greater rod speed, allowing surfers to push their limits and easily reach distant grazing areas. The Ultegra XR reel is the perfect companion for surfcasting enthusiasts and offers exceptional performance and reliability. The Ultegra Encased in the lightweight CI4+ body, this reel incorporates a combination of advanced technologies such as HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, INFINITY DRIVE and SILENT DRIVE. These features work harmoniously to ensure smooth and powerful rotation, even under extreme pressures and heavy loads. When it comes to long-distance casting, the Ultegra XR excels thanks to Shimano's cutting-edge technology. The inclusion of Super Slow 5 oscillation, Parallel Body and Rgid Cast helps increase casting distance and accuracy. These improvements allow surfcasting anglers to easily reach the farthest hotspots and achieve the ultimate in accuracy. Furthermore, the Ultegra XR is equipped with X-Protect technology, which guarantees the protection of the reel in all weather conditions. This innovative feature prevents water from infiltrating the moving parts of the reel, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the conditions faced while surfcasting. To ensure precise control when fishing, the Ultegra XR is equipped with a Hi-Speed drag. Anglers can effortlessly lock or loosen the drag with a minimal twist of the adjustment knob, allowing for accurate adjustments and control at all times. In summary, the Ultegra XR XSD reel offers surfcasting anglers a multitude of benefits. From durable construction and smooth spinning to long-distance casting capabilities, all-weather protection and precise fish control, this reel is a reliable, high-performance companion for surfcasting adventures.