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€ 449.95


<p><strong>Shimano Power Aero XSC</strong> is the new high-end surf casting reel and it certainly lives up to its name. Packed with advanced technology and engineered to perfection in Japan, this reel oozes quality design and workmanship. With the latest technology including&nbsp;<strong>Infinity Drive</strong>&nbsp;and a stylish two-tone finish, the&nbsp;<strong>Power Aero XSC</strong>&nbsp;is visually stunning and performs unmatched. The Power Aero XSC is a serious angler reel and if you like it, you're not alone. Since its launch it has amassed a huge following and is trusted by many thousands of anglers across Europe. Fantastic, it is equipped with the best technology and designed to perfection. In fact, there are some anglers who actually prefer this model to the very high-end Aero Technium Mgs. In use you will instantly recognize Shimano's smoothness and when subjected to extreme pressure, in a fish game situation, you will be amazed at how the latest&nbsp;<strong>Infinity Drive</strong>&nbsp;technology works in harmony with&nbsp;<strong>HAGANE Gearing</strong>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>X-SHIP</strong>&nbsp;to produce an extraordinary sensation of lightness winding power. Packed with technical features such as&nbsp;<strong>HAGANE Gear</strong>, Aluminum&nbsp;<strong>HAGANE Body</strong>,&nbsp;<strong>X-SHIP</strong>, plus&nbsp;<strong>Infinity Drive</strong>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>Silent Drive</strong>&nbsp;refinements, it also benefits from X-Protect and is engineered to meet the highest standards. The addition of&nbsp;<strong>Parallel Body</strong>&nbsp;technology increases casting distance and accuracy by eliminating line slap during the cast. This is further complemented by the superb line-lay of the&nbsp;<strong>Super Slow 5 oscillation</strong>, combined with the&nbsp;<strong>AR-C spool</strong>&nbsp;design and&nbsp;<strong>Rigid Cast</strong>&nbsp;technology. Featuring advanced, near-instant high-speed drag, you can instantly switch between freespool and combat mode only with a very small turn of the drag knob or lock the spool when initiating a long cast. Supplied with two spools and a set of line reducers, the stunning Power Aero does it all superbly well, with minimal fuss.</p>