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The Trabucco Hidrogen Competizione surfcasting rod represents the pinnacle of engineering in the world of sport fishing. Built using the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technologies, this rod offers a perfect combination of lightness, resistance and sensitivity. The heart of this rod is its revolutionary design in Super High Modulus Carbon CXN Nano Teck, characterized by a low resin content (Low Resin Content - LRC), which makes it extremely light without compromising its durability over time. One of its most striking features is the improved Twist Free technology, which, thanks to a tighter wrap on the base and mid-section, eliminates any twisting during casting, ensuring surgical precision and exceptional distance. The joints reinforced with 45° carbon bands (X-Joint) ensure perfect curvature of the rod, while the ultra-light metal rings, strategically placed as reinforcement on the sections, contribute to optimal weight distribution. The Vetta Hybrid Tip section is a masterpiece of sensitivity and performance, made with a solid carbon tip without thorn, with a high visibility color to facilitate monitoring even in low light conditions. The Slick Surface external finish repels water effectively, preventing the line from sticking to the blank and ensuring smooth, friction-free casts. The Sea Guide Titanium SiC double shank guides, with K profile frame, ensure that the line flows smoothly and without creating annoying tangles during the cast. The rod is equipped with a Fuji LS7 reel seat with removable central support, designed to accommodate large reels without compromising the balance of the rod. Finally, the shaped and ergonomic final grip offers total control during the cast, allowing the fisherman to maximize his performance.