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The Bassterra XT Sea Bass has been specially developed for bass fishing and offers an excellent combination of quality and affordability. The medium-fast action is powerful, responsive and generates excellent casting performance, while being versatile enough to fish effectively with both soft plastics and hardbaits. If you thought a high-quality, purpose-designed bass rod was out of your budget, you will almost certainly have to reconsider your preconceived ideas when you see how good, and affordable, the Bassterra XT Sea Bass is. Built on high quality blanks, with the unmistakable Diaflash finish, these rods open up specialist bass fishing to the masses, although we advise you not to limit the use of these rods to just one species. They are also excellent saltwater spinning rods for multiple predators that inhabit waters across Europe. The distinctive weave seen on the Bassterra XT Sea Bass is created by Shimano's exclusive Diaflash technology, which increases power and strength in specific areas of the full carbon blank. At the bottom of the rod it is used to generate the power needed to launch lures at feeding fish from a distance or to take total control when fighting fish near rocks and other structures. In the tip section it creates a greater response which in turn makes the control of the lure more effective and the fishing action more pleasant. Available in 5 models with medium, medium-heavy and heavy actions, to cover all sizes of popular bass baits, from the smallest 4g bass through to 65g crankbaits and metal jigs, the Bassterra XT is finished with Fuji Stainless Steel Fazlite guides, custom designed VSS plate and a split EVA grip.