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The Daiwa new generation spinning reel design concept \"Air Drive Design\" installed in NEW 24 CERTATE is one of the achievements of CERTATE, which continues to seek comfortable operability. The design philosophy is to allow anglers to manipulate the bait as they wish and consists of up to four technologies. The advantages that can be obtained by fully equipping this air transmission model are enormous. Lightweight operation with optimal weight balance. A slight spinning sensation that gives you a sense of oneness with the tackle. The sensitivity of the winding allows you to sense even the slightest bite of a fish or a change in flow. Significant reduction in the frequency of line disturbances. This is CERTATE's clear answer for modern fishermen. The new ATD TYPE-L drag reduces the load on the line and promises a safe and comfortable fight with high response and a smooth start. This operability cannot be achieved without reliable rigidity. This is why CERTATE has always paid attention to rigidity. The symbol of this is the monocoque body, which is made of aluminum and has a one-piece structure. Daiwa's unique technology minimizes body deflection under high loads, which was a weak point in conventional spinning reels, and achieves strong winding power. The motor plate that screws on is also made of aluminum. In other words, the central internal structure is firmly supported by an all-metal aluminum body. The internally integrated drive gear has received a special surface treatment to increase hardness, reducing damage to the gear during high loads. The main shaft that transmits power to the front unit uses SUS, which is even stiffer than aluminum, to maximize performance without loss of power. Reliable rigidity and comfortable operability. This integrated simplicity and fortitude is evidence of the trust that has been built. NEW CERTATE, now in its 20th year of true evolution, is the standard spinning reel of the new era for all anglers.