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€ 69.95


Shimano's new Vengeance Stand-Up Spiral is a very affordable rod featuring a unique spiral guide system that greatly improves the fishing action when subjected to extreme pressures. Don't be fooled by the convenience of Vengeance Stand-Up Spiral. It may be our entry-level stand-up rod, but it packs all the power of its much more expensive siblings in the Shimano range. These unique rods have been designed by Mediterranean tuna experts to provide a cost effective solution when trolling and are designed with a spiral guide placement that wraps around the rod allowing the line to follow the fight curve. When bent, the wire is held away from the blank by guide placement producing better action, with minimal lateral twist, allowing maximum pressure to be applied. With a name like Vengeance you only know that the empty space will be up to any challenge it faces. And it has to be, because nothing in the Mediterranean fights with the combined power, speed and determination of an angry tuna. Featuring very sturdy Shimano Hardlite guides, which can overcome the pressure of thinner mono and braided lines, an aluminum Shimano reel seat will hold the largest multiplier reel firmly, allowing you to lower the handle with confidence. Despite its undoubted strength, the two models in the Vengeance range retain a great fishing action under extreme pressure, and in tests they compared very favorably with much more expensive rods. Available in 50lb and 80lb sizes, the seamless one-piece design never gets overloaded and still retains added flexibility, even when you push it to the extreme. An ergonomic EVA handle ensures you stay totally connected, even when the pressure is fully active. With many recreational tuna fishermen using inferior quality rods supplied by the charter boats they are fishing on, the Vengeance Stand-Up Spiral is affordable enough to now allow you to own your own specialized trolling rod.