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€ 559.00 693.00


TANACOM 1000, terribly serious, aggressive, reliable, is a straight-line heir to the Tanacom Bull 1000, of which it retains the body, the engine, the irreplaceable Power Lever and, last but not least, the Japanese origin to guarantee maniacal precision and superior durability. The Jigging function is a must, which allows you to stimulate the aggression of the fish with an attractive up and down that can be modulated as desired. That game is run by refined software that makes a difference, that makes Daiwa electric specials. So, anything new? No, the novelty is the price, which falls by virtue of the fact that the worldwide diffusion of the 1000 model has reached an unexpected level, such as to eliminate investments in research and development, which from today no longer weigh on costs. And so the new Tanacom Bull 1000 is envied by competing models for the coexistence of a fantastic quality rate and a very attractive price. Her dress strongly recalls the tradition of sea fishing-oriented reels, with the chromatic combination of black and gold. Like all Daiwa electrical devices, it complies with European regulations (CE) regarding electrically powered devices. The sealed electronics allow washing under running water when returning from fishing: a duty both towards the tool and with respect to the possibility of enforcing the 1 year warranty in case of malfunction. Operation with 12V electricity (cables supplied); Power Lever for instant control of strength and recovery speed; Digital reading of the amount of line released by the reel and the amount raised from the bottom; Auto Stop programmable device to stop recovery when the bait reaches the surface; Jigging function for recovery and rhythmic release of the bait (VJ); Possibility of manual recovery; Maximum recovery speed: 110 meters per minute with 1.5 kg load; Reel washable thanks to sealed electronics (Washable); Supplied with the needle to pass the line through the wire guide and the clamps for fixing to the rod; Instruction manual downloadable from Daiwa website.