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If you take your squid fishing seriously, you’ll already know the importance of using the correct reel when EGI fishing and they don’t come much better than the Sephia BB. With an enviable history going back many years, this model has been tweaked to perfection to maximize your performance. Based on a compact 3000 sized body, the 5.3:1 gear ratio retrieves 78cm of line per handle turn, which is the optimum speed to prevent slack line when working your EGI lures aggressively. The elongated round EVA handle grip is comfortable and secure, even when wet, and when you feel the pressure of a take the Rapid Fire Drag can be quickly adjusted to provide the perfect pressure for the situation and size of squid. ​At the heart of the lightweight Sephia BB is Shimano’s HAGANE Gear, Micro Module II and X-SHIP combination. This produces efficient, smooth and very direct rotation, to cope with the stop/start action of EGI fishing, enabling lures to be worked aggressively without fear of failure. The inclusion of Long Stroke Spool and refined Silent Drive technology further enhances the fishing experience. Also contributing to the overall feel and balance of the reel is the G Free Body, which weighs only 225g and perfectly balances the most popular 2.5m EGI rods. The shallow spool is perfect for squid fishing and the aluminum AR-C spool design ensures line management is maximized when fishing aggressively. To cope with the harsh saltwater environment, Sephia BB uses Shimano’s leading X-Protect (IPX-8) water protection for the body and also the line roller.​ For the ultimate matching combination, the Sephia BB reel can be partnered with the Sephia BB rod, which has the same colored graphics.