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The Daiwa Lexa 300 HLP is a rotating reel designed with an exceptional combination of robustness and power, specifically designed for sea fishing. Its solid construction and high performance make it ideal for tackling demanding challenges with powerful marine fish. This reel offers a comfortable grip and a host of features designed to ensure exceptional performance. It is particularly suitable for advanced techniques such as vertical jigging, slow pitching and slow jigging, which require considerable power and resistance. In addition to vertical techniques, the Lexa 300 HLP also excels in sea casting, catfish and pike fishing. This is made possible thanks to the MagForce magnetic brake system, which ensures precise and long casts. Among its main features we find an aluminum shell, body and spool, a carbon UTD drag with a capacity of 10 kg and a Magforce Control magnetic brake system. The 110mm aluminum crank features a custom non-slip Winn Grip knob for a secure and comfortable grip. The Lexa 300 HLP has been designed to withstand demanding techniques, making it perfect for vertical jigging at sea and also suitable for other techniques such as Slow Pitch, Tataki, Jigging and Kabura. Its robust construction and use of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel gears and CRBB ball bearings, make it capable of fighting robust prey such as groupers, snappers and amberjacks. The reel features a Heavy Duty design, with an aluminum body and an All Grease Bearing system for effective lubrication. The 100 mm Swept Handle aluminum crank reduces weight and improves ergonomics, while the drag with carbon discs is designed to handle the most intense fights, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.