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The Falcon Black Phantom Vertical Ball Acid represents a significant evolution in the context of vertical fishing techniques. Included in the prestigious Black Phantom series produced by Falcon, this rod stands out for its power and effectiveness, ideal for use in vertical techniques. The Black Phantom series blanks are known for their combination of lightness, strength and small diameter, thanks to the braided Toray carbon construction, which ensures optimal balance and superior sensitivity when fishing. The integrated ACID spiral guides reduce the twisting of the blank to a minimum, while the Blank-Touch reel seat system offers the operator the possibility of perceiving every slightest vibration during the reel capture phase. The Falcon Black Phantom Vertical Ball Acid was designed specifically for vertical fishing in marine environments, guaranteeing high standards of quality, resistance and durability thanks to the use of quality materials. The presence of stainless steel rings with ceramic inserts helps to reduce friction and further increase the sensitivity of the rod. Characterized by an elegant and modern design, its parabolic action allows you to tackle even the most impressive prey with safety and ease, offering an engaging and satisfying fishing experience. The Falcon Black Phantom is available in different length and power variations, ensuring maximum versatility to meet the needs of every fisherman. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable and safe grip, while the compatibility with a wide range of reels makes it suitable for use with different types of equipment available on the market. The 210 cm long rod version, with capacity to handle baits up to 200 g and equipped with Acid spiral guides, represents an excellent option for those looking for high performance and reliability in every fishing situation vertical.

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The TRABUCCO CORSAIR VERTICAL MASTER Madai & Tenya rod stands out as an established excellence in the field of specialized fishing equipment for the vertical approach. Built with top quality materials, this rod features a structure graded in CX-1 High Modulus carbon, renowned for its lightness, strength and reactivity. The spigot connection between the two sections gives additional strength, guaranteeing perfect structural integrity during the typical stresses of fishing phases. The action of the rod is focused above all on its upper end, offering extraordinary sensitivity that allows you to perceive even the slightest vibrations and touches of the fish. This feature, combined with its ability to handle loads of up to 100g, makes it versatile and suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions and fish species. Performance customization is facilitated by the presence of two interchangeable full carbon tips, each designed to adapt to the specific needs of the angler and the fishing environment. Visibility is optimized thanks to the white colored finish of the tip tips, with fluorescent orange bindings that improve traceability even in low light conditions. The single and double shank SiC guides, reinforced to resist corrosion, guarantee smooth line passage and effective heat dissipation, optimizing performance even in the presence of high resistance lines such as braided lines. The graphite screw reel seat with rubber-coated aluminum slider ensures a solid grip and easy adjustment of the reel during fishing phases. The split handle, with high density EVA final grip, offers ergonomic comfort and a secure grip, allowing the fisherman to maintain maximum control over the rod even during the most challenging situations.