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Shimano Cardiff Armajoint 60SS is a jointed bait designed for trout and other small predators. Equipped with ARMABOOST to increase casting performance and improve swimming action, and SCALE BOOST for a natural prey fish livery, this highly technical bait has extraordinary action, even at low speeds. The Cardiff Armajoint 60SS is an excellent trout bait to use when you need to fish with a slow moving swimbait to entice the trout to attack. ARMABOOST technology significantly increases casting performance by allowing the lure to fold completely in half when casting, producing a more compact shape. The addition of strategically placed magnets at the ends of the sections improves alignment, resulting in a more natural swimming action, even at slow speeds, making it perfect for days when trout and other small predators are inactive and not feeding aggressively. When used in clear water, the addition of SCALE BOOST gives this very attractive bait a more realistic appearance, which often causes fish to attack with greater confidence. Get ready to revolutionize the way you fish with the Cardiff Armajoint 60SS - the latest innovation that will forever change the way you fish for trout, perch, walleye, blackbass and asp! This bait has been designed to entice even the fussiest trout to feed, thanks to this slow-moving swimbait that will drive them crazy. But that's just the beginning: ARMABOOST technology takes casting performance to the next level, producing a more compact shape, perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach spots. You can cast with confidence every time. You'll get a more natural swimming action, perfect for slow days when fish aren't feeding aggressively. And when fishing in clear waters, the addition of SCALE BOOST gives this bait an even more realistic appearance that guarantees a greater number of strikes. Don't settle for ordinary bait: improve your fishing experience with the Cardiff Armajoint 60SS and experience trout fishing like never before!