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<p>The new Shimano SLX DC 71A reel is one of the flagship models of the hugely popular SLX series. With a reputation for quality and ease of use, this SLX DC 71A model benefits from Shimano's I-DC4 Digital Control casting system, which automatically maximizes casting performance over a wide range of lines, conditions and casting techniques. The SLX DC 71A is compact, smooth, and offers unmatched value. The SHIMANO DC system allows for effortless casting and is now available to a large audience worldwide. The SLX DC 71A maintains all the qualities of the original models and improves them with Shimano's I-DC4 digital control. This brilliant technology can be set to one of 4 modes to maximize casting performance while reducing wiggly and other problems. Available in the right sizes, the 150/151 sizes offer great versatility, while the smaller 70/71 size fitted with the MGL Spool III is perfect for casting lighter weight lures. Fitted neatly into the compact body of the SLX DC is Shimano's exclusive I-DC4 digital control. Modes include: Mode 1 designed to achieve maximum distance (least amount of magnetic braking). Mode 2 designed specifically for braid handling. Mode 3 for fluorocarbon or stiffer lines. Mode 4 offers the most control (maximum amount of magnetic braking) for applications such as skipping. Once set up, the onboard micro computer, which is self-powered, does all the work, leaving you to aim and shoot. Like all SLX models, the HAGANE aluminum body creates the perfect frame for precision gearing and the aluminum S3D spool reduces vibration on casting and on retrieve. The SLX DC is hard to beat when looking for a hassle free digital cast control reel. Combining these casting technological advantages at such an attractive price point makes the SLX DC an unbeatable choice for any lure angler.</p>