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<p>A top quality trolling rod for Mediterranean sport fishermen who prefer to fish with live bait. The Shimano Talica Trolling Lite has a very high quality fast acting carbon blank that is incredibly responsive, whilst retaining the power needed to tackle hard fighting pelagic species. Developed in collaboration with the Mediterranean's leading boat anglers, the Talica Trolling Lite allows you to push the boundaries of performance and enjoyment to new heights. If you wish to troll with lighter lines, especially when using live bait to target hard to catch fish, the Talica Trolling Lite is a fantastic choice. The super light, fast acting blank offers exceptional feedback when fishing hard with fish of all sizes, allowing you to instantly change pressure when needed to maintain total control. In addition, the powerful lower part of the rod ensures the fish control force in your hands when you need to master a difficult situation. The secret of the reactive performance of the Talica Trolling Lite is a blank with an accentuated taper made with a combination of high modulus carbon, with HPC (High Pressure Carbon) technology and reinforcements in biofibre, Diaflash and Nanosheet. It also benefits from Shimano's Twist Control technology, which ensures that the fighting power is delivered through the barrel in a direct line. The latest spiral ring configuration utilizes Fuji HB SiC stainless steel, ensuring power is maximized throughout the progressive blank and right into the hands. To ensure maximum reel safety, the Talica features an ALPS aluminum reel seat, complemented by a carbon rear grip that reduces weight and increases sensitivity.</p>

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<p>The Technium Tele Boat Light Drifting from Shimano is a premium quality rod designed specifically for light drifting and bottom fishing methods. The telescopic design is easy to carry and the extra fast action, combined with a stiff handle section, makes controlling the line accurate, easy and super fast. If you are serious about light drifting and similar methods At bottom fishing, the Technium Tele Boat Light Drifting is an excellent choice, as its high-level performance will maximize your capabilities. Perfect for targeting prey such as mackerel, sea bream, horse mackerel, you will be amazed at how light and well balanced these fantastic looking rods are, especially when you have to constantly adjust the line during leeway. With a casting power of 50g, covering a wide range of weights, two solid tips are provided which allow you to adjust the action by selecting your preferred power. During use, you will appreciate the extra length and fast action of these rods, which will allow you to maintain excellent control of the bait, even at long distances. The Technium Tele Boat Light Drifting's high modulus carbon telescopic blank is enhanced by Diaflash technology in the handle section, giving the rod a lightweight, balanced feel, as well as providing additional strength and rigidity. Supplied with two solid tips of different strengths, the fast action and extra length of these models improve distance control of the line and increase the speed of the tip at the moment of strike to guarantee an ultra-fast strike. Equipped with anti-tangle stainless steel Seaguide guides, the Technium is equipped with a Shimano DPS reel seat and a rubber cap for greater fighting comfort.</p>